Cosmetic Buffet Maintenance Set

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Who doesn’t want to look younger? Well, while we’re still working on finding that fountain of youth we’ve got some of the best facial set that will make you look and feel young.

Say Goodbye to wrinkles, darkspot and hello to your fresh, rejuvenated face! It’s time to get rid of those fine lines and dark spots and allow your skin to glow the way it was always meant to! We’re spilling on some of our favourite Facial whitening Products that will make you look and feel forever young!

Cosmetic Buffet  Rejuvenating Set Kit 2 for maintenance. To be used after a month using Kit 1.

Directions on how to use:

Kojic Acid Soap 135g

  • – Use in the morning and at night as your daily cleanser. Apply to damp face and lather for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.

Rejuvenating Toner 60ml

  • – After cleansing with kojic acid soap apply Rejuvenating Toner on your face with a cotton pad. Do not rinse

Sunblock Cream 10g

  • – Apply all over your face for 30 minutes before expose it to sun. For maximun protection re-apply every 2-3 hours, especially if your exposure to sun is frequent or for too long period.

Rejuvenating Cream 10g

  • – Apply thinly all over face everynight for 30 days.


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