G21 Glass Skin Set


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Glass skin set


G21 Toner benefits:

Anti Oxidant & Anti Aging

Protects Skin from UV Radiation

Relieves Inflammation

Soothes skin irritations

Fights acne

Treat Eczema

Removes dead skin


G21 Serum 🌸

• Lightens dark spots and pimple marks

• Treat acne-prone and irritated skin as well

• Leaves beautiful glowing skin


G21 kojic papaya & honey oatmeal

soap contains:

✔ kojic (to lighten visible sun damage)

✔ papaya (vitamin A and Papain Enzyme)

✔ oatmeal & honey (effective natural remedy for skin lightening & brightening)


Products are all made from organic ingredients, so its definitely safe to use.


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