Snow Capsule By Gluta Frozen


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❄SNOW CAPSULE by Gluta Frozen❄
DO NOT EAT❗️❗️❗️
Snow Capsule is formulated to add whitening properties to any lotion, with contents such as Glutathione, Collagen ,AHA and Vitamin C it works effectively to brighten, smoothen and whiten the skin.
30 Capsules in 1 jar
X10 Whitening than other brands
With UV protection
Extensive whitening
Prevent skin pigmentation
Healthy and moisturized skin
💖How to use: 💖
1.Open the capsule
2.Mix the vitamin content to your favourite lotion 3.Apply on your skin
Gets rid of hyperpigmentation and dark spots
Smoothens the skin
Whitens and brightens the skin
Exfoliates the skin
Has anti-ageing benefits
Increases potency of whitening products up to 10x
Deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin.


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