Zeevo Champ Bar Soap


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✅ Ultimate Body Detox
✅ Activated Charcoal Soap
From packaging to content, Hindi po namin ito tinipid. Kapag nahawakan niyo yung mismong soap at nagamit niyo, Tska niyo masasabi na totoo tong sinasabi ko. 😉
✅ Activated Charcoal:
• acts like a magnet to draw out impurities.
• heals body acne, blackhead and bumps
• helps to eliminate and prevent body odor
• treats dandruff
✅ Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract:
• Skin health enhancer – It soothes the skin.
• Improve natural firmness
• Keep the skin hydrated
• It nourishes the skin
✅ Shea Butter:
• Highly moisturizing
• Fades dark marks & scars
• Softens skin
✅ Tea Tree Oil
• Promotes a healthy, clean looking scalp and hair.
• Due to its antifungal properties, It is commonly used to fight skin conditions like acne and dandruff.
• For face, body and hair
• Formulated for all skin type 🖤


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